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The new section of the North-South Motorway has now increased to 80km/h.

Delivery of girders from South Australian local business, Bowhill Engineering, for the Regency Road overpass

Wed., 16 September, 2020

Today the first two girder segments for the Regency Road overpass bridge central spans are being delivered to the Polonia Reserve compound.

There are 12 girder segments in total which will be delivered in pairs, over the next month.

The girders are being fabricated locally at Bowhill Engineering.

In early 2020, the R2P Alliance established an Industry Participation Committee which includes members from the Office of Industry Advocate, Civil Contractor’s Federation and other industry bodies. The forum is used to identify opportunities for market upskilling, monitor progress against the industry participation commitments and consider ways to further promote local industry participation.

A great example of this commitment is shown through the engagement of Bowhill Engineering, a family-owned South Australian business that has been operating since the early 1970s.

Bowhill Engineering used steel sourced from BlueScope and Infrabuild to construct the girders, weighing between 45 - 69 tonnes each, and the 12 girder segments weighing approximately 600 tonnes in total.

Bowhill Engineering is also supplying the project with steel for the pedestrian and cyclist overpass, being installed near Pym Street, as well as the temporary support structures at the Polonia Reserve compound, to hold the Regency Road overpass infrastructure as it gets assembled ‘off site’.

The R2P Alliance is excited to be working with and supporting the local business.

Assembly of the Regency Road overpass

Most of the Regency Road overpass will be assembled ‘off site’ at the Polonia Reserve compound, and constructed in two halves: the northbound, and southbound bridge spans.

Each will be 84 metres long and together will weigh up to 2,700 tonnes. The two halves will be transported from Polonia Reserve compound to Regency Road using Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT).

While the bridge spans are being constructed ‘off site’, the on and off ramps, and structures that support the bridge spans, will be constructed at the intersection.

For more information on the Regency Road overpass, view the Latest News and Fact Sheet.


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