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The new section of the North-South Motorway is now open! Speed restrictions will remain in place for a number of months.

Traffic and access

The project is staged to minimise impacts to traffic. There will be some traffic switches throughout the project to ensure traffic flow is maintained around the construction areas. Where works require lane or speed restrictions on a major road, they will be undertaken outside of peak hours or during the night. The R2P Project will work closely with key stakeholders and regularly review traffic management arrangements to ensure that traffic continues to flow as efficiently as possible during construction. A number of local streets around the construction zones are used for deliveries and transporting material around the site. Haulage routes will be coordinated with the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and the community will be advised of regular haulage routes. Roads are also required to be temporarily closed for deliveries and to undertake works. Signage and detours will be in place for restrictions, and residents and businesses will be provided with advance notice around changed conditions.

Temporary removal of right turns at the South Road/Regency Road intersection and reinstatement of right turns

In mid-2019, two temporary signalised U-turns were installed along South Road, south of Hudson Avenue and north of Tikalara Street. The U-turns were installed to facilitate the temporary removal of right turn movements at the intersection. To keep traffic moving, right turn movements at the intersection will not be reinstated until early April 2021. The southern U-turn was removed from Monday, 1 February 2021, and the northern U-turn will be removed from Sunday, 14 February 2021. Until the right turn movements are reinstated, motorists who previously utilised the temporary U-turns will be required to use the existing U-turns at Days Road and Torrens Road, or seek an alternate route. Please click here for alternate routes.

Changes to Pym Street Access

In order to deliver the R2P Project, local access changes are required around South Road. A key change will be the permanent removal of the east-west connectivity along Pym Street across South Road, including the pedestrian crossing at this intersection.

The final design for Pym Street will only allow left in and left out on both sides of South Road, and will not allow for the current east-west through-movement. Pym Street access was carefully considered by the Department through the concept planning stage of the project in 2017.

The proposed changes to Pym Street were presented at Community Information Sessions and on the Departments website in December 2018.

East-west access is provided at nearby Torrens Road and Regency Road. East-west movements will also be possible via U-turns at Torrens Road and Regency Road.

From early August 2020, Pym Street became left in and left our only. Please click here for alternative routes.

Pedestrian and cyclist access in both a north-south and east-west direction is vital for maintaining neighbourhood connectivity and convenience for residents and businesses. A Shared Use Path over South Road north of Pym Street will provide valuable pedestrian and cyclist connections between Torrens Road and Regency Road. For more details on the pedestrian and cyclist overpass please click here.

Pedestrian and cyclist overpass over South Road

Pedestrians and cyclists

To ensure cyclists and pedestrians can safely navigate around the R2P construction areas, detours has been implemented. The temporary cyclist detour will be in place during construction works and cyclist detour signs have been installed along the alternative routes. Please click here to view the cyclist detour map.

To view changes to pedestrian and cyclist access please click here.

Pedestrian and cyclist overpass near Pym Street

The pedestrian and cyclist overpass near Pym Street is now open.

Changes to local access

Several permanent changes will be made to the local road network within the project area as a result of the R2P Project. All roads that intersect with South Road between Regency Road and Torrens Road will either become left in and left out only, or will be closed completely at South Road. The side roads that maintain left in and left out access will only have direct access to the South Road surface road and not the non-stop motorway.

Once in final configuration, all turning movements, left in and left out and right in and right out, as well as U-turns, will be available at Regency Road through a new signalised intersection. For more details, please see the Final Design Map.

Packard Avenue, Hudson Avenue, Minerva Crescent and Wolseley Road are now permanently closed at South Road for safety reasons, as their locations are too close to on/off ramps that lead onto or off the non-stop motorway.

Throughout the construction of the project, intermittent closures of local roads will be required to allow for works to be carried out safely. Advanced notice will be provided prior to any closures. Signage and detours will also be in place during temporary road closures. See works notifications for current temporary road closures.

Bus stop relocations

To accommodate the changes at Pym Street, three bus routes that previously crossed South Road at Pym Street (230, 232 and 232R), have been permanently re-routed from August 2020. For more information on the bus routes and stops please click here.

Heavy Vehicle Bypass Road

The R2P Project commenced survey works in June 2020, for the new heavy vehicle bypass road into the Dudley Park Industrial Precinct. Construction works commenced in late 020, and works completed by early 2021, weather permitting.

For more information on the heavy vehicle bypass road please click here.

Dudley Park, Devon Park and Croydon Park Local Area Traffic Management Plan Development

Due to the completed Torrens Road to River Torrens Project and current Regency Road to Pym Street Project (R2P), there have been significant changes to the operation of the local road network in Dudley Park, Devon Park and Croydon Park.

A change in 2020 to the final design for Pym Street only allows left in and left out on both sides of South Road with no east-west through-movement. This resulted in changed traffic redistribution in the local area and changes to bus routes.

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport recently funded a study to assess the anticipated impacts of the R2P Project on the City of Port Adelaide Enfield’s local road network. This study identified that some roads will experience a significant increase or decrease in traffic volume.

Accordingly, the council has committed to developing a draft Local Area Traffic Management Plan (LATM Plan), for further consultation with residents.

A community meeting was held in November 2019 and subsequently, a Street Resident Committee was formed. The committee consists of a small group of local residents and businesses, with support from the City of Port Adelaide Enfield and the R2P Alliance. The committee meet to develop a draft LATM Plan for further consultation with the local communities.

The LATM Plan will address potential changes to traffic flows in Dudley Park, Devon Park and Croydon Park as a result of the R2P Project. If the predicted changes come to fruition, the LATM Plan will be implemented in stages with the majority of works to be undertaken following the completion of the project.

The LATM Plan applies to the area bound by Regency Road, Days Road, Torrens Road and the railway line. Council will work with the City of Charles Sturt on this LATM Plan, as the southwestern corner falls under its care and control. (See – Location Map)

For further information and updates on this project, please refer to Councils website:

LATM location map



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