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The new section of the North-South Motorway has now increased to 80km/h.

Recycled asphalt

Mon., 30 November, 2020

The Regency Road to Pym Street (R2P) Project is using recycled asphalt.

In mid-August 2020, the R2P Project commenced preparation works for the new motorway, between Overland Road, Croydon Park and Camira Street, Regency Park.

The works include:

  • profiling (removal of asphalt to a suitable level);
  • levelling and laying of asphalt.

A profiling machine is being used to remove the existing pavement to the desired depth (up to 300 millimetres).

The asphalt being removed by this profiling process is loaded into trucks and transported to the Downer asphalt plant at Wingfield. This reclaimed material is incorporated into new asphalt mixes as Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP). Prior to incorporation into the new mixes, the RAP is processed by crushing and screening to produce the correct particle sizes for reuse. Thirty percent of the old asphalt is then added back into the asphalt production process, by combining with new aggregates and binders.

Recycled asphalt is then used on the R2P Project for construction of the new motorway. The R2P Alliance anticipates up to 12,000 tonnes of RAP will be used in the construction of the R2P Project.

As asphalt is a quarried pavement material with bitumen binder, the less new raw products used, the less mining and processing is required, thus reducing the carbon footprint from production.

Accordingly, when RAP is used, it replaces a percentage of raw materials. For the lower asphalt layers the RAP material percentage can be as high as 50%.

Profiling and use of RAP is now widely used in the construction industry for pavement recycling, reducing the environmental impact of resurfacing and road construction.

The profiling can also remove distressed sections of existing pavement, providing a better driving experience and extending road life.


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