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The new section of the North-South Motorway has now increased to 80km/h.

Public artwork mural complete

Tue., 09 March, 2021

The mural artwork at the base of the pedestrian and cyclist overpass near Pym Street is now complete.

On Tuesday, 2 March 2021, artist Sam Songailo completed the public artwork mural at the base of the pedestrian and cyclist overpass.

The interconnecting mural is located on the precast concrete retaining walls and under-stair walls at the base of the pedestrian and cyclist overpass, which spans over both the North-South Motorway and South Road surface roads, on the northern side of Pym Street, Croydon Park.

Both the east and west sides of the overpass have two under-stair sections and retaining walls with a support column in front. The under-stair sections consist of three side panels, and the retaining walls consist of two front and side panels. All differing in size due to the surrounding battered turf and landscaping. The mural area totals 143.26 square metres.

The objective of delivering artwork to this high activity area is to create a vibrant, welcoming and distinctive place for the community that serves to enhance quality of life, public experience and community pride for residents and visitors.

Creating a mural takes time, talent, and research. From the conceptual design stage to the selection process, creation and delivery of high-quality lasting work. Sam needed to keep in mind that the mural will be seen by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists from various directions and distances, so visuals from each perspective had to be considered.

After the mural concept was approved, the design process involved Sam drawing the concept design to scale and overlaying these onto images of the surfaces being painted and printing the design to colour match actual paint colours.

Mural painting process

The mural was painted using multiple layers of paint, beginning with a primer to seal the original material, followed by the background colours and then the structure layers:

  • The design structure is marked out using a ruler and masking tape to ensure a crisp edge. Each paint layer requires tape to be applied and then removed before moving on to the next step;
  • As each layer is added, the details become smaller and more refined as the design, colour and pattern layers are built up; then
  • touch-ups are done and when the mural is complete, an anti-graffiti coating is applied.

Sam and fellow artist Matt Fortrose were tasked with completing the mural before the opening of the overpass in mid-March 2021. They did so with great success, despite weather and sharing a worksite with many other construction and landscaping trades.

A big thank you to Sam and Matt for their professionalism, flexibility, ability to adapt to an ever-changing construction environment and for painting a vibrant mural to enhance the local area.

See more information about pedestrian and cyclist overpass here.

Mural painting process

Completed mural

Sam Songailo and Matt Fortrose


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