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The new section of the North-South Motorway has now increased to 80km/h.

Intelligent Traffic Systems

Fri., 16 October, 2020

Over the last few years there has been an increased use of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) to maximise traffic flow. ITS provides the technology to manage traffic flow, improve road safety, and enhance the overall operation of our road networks.

Traffic updates appear daily on television, where the camera cuts to a reporter in front of numerous screens showing South Australia’s major roads, tunnel and intersections. This is the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) - the heart of South Australia’s road management system.

All of the ITS devices installed as part of the North-South Corridor, Regency Road to Pym Street (R2P) Project help to inform the TMC operators, which provides them with the ability to manage our roads. These include:

  • Detector loops to count traffic;
  • Closed-Circuit Television for video security surveillance; and
  • Variable Message Signs and Lane Use Management Systems which are screens on gantries and cantilever poles that display information that provide guidance for road users.

The highly integrated network is operated using STREAMS - a software system that provides graphics that continually check the roads for any issues that may occur, as well as monitoring and displaying the operating condition of ITS devices in real-time. Smart Thermal Incident Detection cameras are also used to allow for automatic detection of obstructions on roads.

Currently, various individual ITS equipment is being tested by manufacturers. Once this initial testing phase is complete, the ITS equipment will be tested together as an integrated system in the Ventia workshop in Adelaide.

Following the completion of successful testing, the ITS equipment is expected to be installed from late 2020, as part of the R2P Project.


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